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Geothermal Models
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 GeoExcel Features:

1. R410a refrigerant

2. Corrosion resistant galvalume sheet metal cabinets - AP and WT series contain a galvanized sheet metal covered with black vinyl

3. Vertical, Horizontal, Counterflow, Split Configurations

4. Baked enamel coated evaporator coil

5. Stainless steel drain pan

6. Floating base pan

7. Oversized refrigerant to water heat exchanger - CuNi coil is optional

8. ECM motor - AP and ES/ES2 series plus select EP models

9. Scroll, rotary, reciprocating compressors

10. Optional desuperheater and electric heater - select series


 GeoExcel Brochure (pdf)


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Extreme High Efficiency, The AP Series is rated as the most efficient product on the market.   The AP Series features an...


The ES Two Stage features an ECM motor, top of the line two-stage unloading compressor, floating compressor base pan, coated evaporator coil,...


The ES Single Stage series features an ECM motor, scroll compressor, floating compressor base pan, coated evaporator coil, and stainless...

Split Systems

Split systems can be used in a variety of different applications, and as a “dual fuel” system.


The WT water to water series is a two-stage reverse cycle chiller water heater. The series contains many features that insure a quiet, quality...


The WW series is a water to water series used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications for water heating and chilling,...

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